04 jan

2013 counters are reset !

There is a typical expression from Maghreb which could be translated as: "What has past is dead."

It may seem abrupt but for our company this means that after a year of records in 2012, during which three of the world championships in teams and solo were conquered, our efforts must be maintained and even enhanced.

In Montpellier, where the world championships were held for the last time, Vagabond crew retained its two titles in the category show and battle. In Rio de Janero, Mounir won the championship belt in a solo competition, which for the first time required 15 sets to be victorious. In both competitions, where our dancers literally flew through, we saw the opening of a new era of Break-Dance. No more place for leaving it up to chance, the current high level now requires optimal preparation to obtain victory. The dancers must have a larger collection of movements with a higher technical level and must have the ability to perform in all conditions and against opponents that are increasingly tough. Physically, the preparation has become crucial: battles with increasing intensity both in commitment and the content. Tactically, it must also show great intelligence in the face of the judges who have more and more demanding criteria. Mentally, we must forge an identity and stick to it to avoid the effect of fashion that create fleeting victories and dancers. When a team or a dancer wins, a "school" wins. "What has past is dead" simply means that under this evolution towards greater professionalism, sitting on past awards is signing for death -in the short or long term- for the entire team and it's dance philosophy. In 2013 we did not win, or at least we act as if we did not win anything. That everything remains to be done and to be conquered again, to still deliver an artistic vision and dance ethics that we've carried for 13 years now. Comfort is the enemy of progress and duration, hence we still have more to...

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